Grow Your Telemedicine Services With Our Physician Staffing Solutions

Growing your patient population no longer requires a physical expansion. Moonlighting Solutions provides qualified, high-caliber moonlighters to take your virtual care services to the next level.

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Fill Gaps in Patient Care With
Virtual Moonlighting

The clinical setting no longer exists solely on the hospital floor or in a medical office. Patients have turned to their computer screens to receive routine and critical care—and traditional medical providers need to expand their telemedicine services to keep up with demand.

As a physician-owned-and-operated firm, Moonlighting Solutions understands how challenging it can be to find the right providers to spearhead your telemedicine services. We match you with highly qualified physicians who can jumpstart your virtual expansion and reach new geographic locations, enabling you to facilitate a successful telemedicine operation long term. Whether you want to open a specialty clinic for underserved patients or establish care in a new state before hiring a full-time team, our physicians can fill in the gaps while maintaining the highest standard of care.

Our Telemedicine Staffing Services

Moonlighting Solutions pairs physicians and APPs with telemedicine companies, hospitals, and practices across the country. From virtual urgent care services to sub-specialty clinics, our moonlighters can do it all—and we carefully match you with the right providers to ensure the perfect fit.

Virtual Moonlighting

Whether you need a temporary team of physicians to get your telehealth operations off the ground or a few long-term moonlighters to provide after-hours coverage, Moonlighting Solutions is here to help. Our telemedicine staffing services enable you to:

  • Serve more patients while cutting out unnecessary travel and delays in the waiting room.
  • Quickly expand into a new territory without the financial burden of opening a new office.
  • Provide the same level of service during virtual and in-person visits with physicians specially trained in remote care.
  • Take as much time as you need to hire and onboard full-time staff without delaying your growth in telehealth services.
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Virtual Specialty Clinics

If you want to help address the disparities in specialized care for patients in rural or underserved areas, Moonlighting Solutions can assist you in setting up a Virtual Specialty Clinic. With the help of our remote specialists, you can:

  • Offer critical virtual visits to patients who don’t have access to in-person care due to location or limiting conditions.
  • Provide a range of care, from neurology to cardiology, with physicians who are experts in their specialties.
  • Allow patients with complex or chronic conditions to receive compassionate care from the comfort of their homes.
  • Reduce load for in-person specialists while enabling patients to schedule virtual visits outside standard hours.

Establish a Seamless Virtual Care Model Without the Wait

The administrative burden of establishing telemedicine care can be significant, from securing out-of-state licenses to vetting prospective providers. Moonlighting Solutions lets you expand your practice now—with virtual moonlighting physicians who meet the most rigorous standards.

Why Turn to Moonlighting Solutions to Fill Your Telemedicine Jobs?

Unlike traditional locum companies, Moonlighting Solutions only works with physicians looking for long-term, part-time work to further hone their skills. Our staffing solutions don’t just temporarily fill a gap—they enable your hospital or practice to establish sustainable, successful care models that benefit patients and staff.

Get Critical Weekend and After-Hours Support

Physician burnout is all too common—but it doesn’t have to be. While your full-time telemedicine providers close their laptops and recharge, our moonlighting physicians ensure patients can continue accessing essential care during nights and weekends.

Access Licensed Specialists in Every State

You don’t have to wait until your physicians’ licensing applications are processed to begin practicing in a new state. Our moonlighting network contains providers licensed in every state who cover a variety of specialties, so you can start establishing care immediately.

Accelerate Your Expansion

Even an expedited hiring process can take several months—and if you rush to fill a position, you may end up with the wrong fit. With Moonlighting Solutions, you can begin offering telemedicine services immediately while taking the time to find the right long-term hires.

Receive Hands-On Support From Healthcare Experts

Moonlighting Solutions isn’t a traditional staffing company; we’re a team of physicians and healthcare experts who have been in your shoes. We use our firsthand industry knowledge to find the most practical, cost-effective solutions for our partners.

Easily Transition Moonlighters Into Full-Time Providers

Our team doesn’t just pair you with any virtual moonlighter that has the skills and experience to fill a position. We pride ourselves on finding matches that perfectly meet your organization’s needs, and we encourage you to bring our moonlighters on board permanently.

Experience Invaluable Support From a Physician-Centric Firm

At Moonlighting Solutions, we do more than provide you with high-quality physicians to fill your telemedicine jobs. As the nation’s first physician-owned moonlighting firm, we know how difficult establishing telemedicine care can be—because we’ve been there. We can help you navigate the logistics of establishing care in a new state and implement protocols to ensure consistent care online and off, without charging the excessive fees associated with traditional locum companies.

From managing your virtual moonlighter’s schedule to handling the arduous licensing process for your full-time staff, Moonlighting Solutions provides critical hands-on support while you focus on high-impact tasks. We aim to provide the most attentive service possible to our moonlighters and the healthcare organizations we work with, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone. That’s why we have over 7,000 qualified physicians in our network who are eager to get paired with organizations like yours.

Contact us today to discuss your options for telemedicine service staffing and learn how we can help you grow without sacrificing physician quality or patient satisfaction.

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