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Physician burnout doesn’t have to be a given. Moonlighting Solutions matches you with vetted, high-quality providers to relieve your full-time staff—onsite and remotely.

Medical Moonlighting Solutions Designed By Physicians

Medical practices and hospitals have been relying on an unsustainable model for care. Your key physicians put in full days of draining work—but they can’t fully unwind afterward while on call. At Moonlighting Solutions, we understand the toll burnout can take on physicians because our team has experienced it firsthand.

As a physician-owned-and-operated company and the nation’s first moonlighting firm, we use our experience in hospital administration and patient care to develop unique solutions for every partner. Whether you need a team of moonlighters for long-term night and weekend coverage or a licensed specialist to help you expand into a new telemedicine service area, our team can match you with the most capable and dedicated providers.

Onsite Physician Coverage Services

Moonlighting Solutions seamlessly bridges the gap between daytime and after-hours care with long-term, part-time call coverage. Our medical staffing solution enables your hospital or practice to:

  • Give your full-time providers a fresh start each day knowing they don’t have any outstanding tasks from the night before.
  • Provide better care around the clock from physicians who aren’t overworked or overly stressed.
  • Create a long-term, sustainable solution to provider burnout instead of a temporary fix.

Telemedicine Physician Coverage

Moonlighting Solutions has an expansive and growing network of physicians in various specialties, from cardiology to dermatology, who are specially trained in remote care. Depending on your needs, we can help you:

  • Jumpstart your expansion into a new territory with temporary telemedicine providers licensed in your state or states of choice.
  • Create a Virtual Specialty Clinic to connect your patients with the specialized care they need from the comfort of their homes.
  • Implement telemedicine protocols to ensure consistent care, no matter when or where a patient needs it.

Temp-to-Perm Medical Staffing Solutions

Moonlighting Solutions takes pride in creating the perfect match between qualified providers and medical organizations—both short- and long-term. If you want to bring your moonlighter on as a full-time physician, our team can:

  • Facilitate a seamless switch from temporary to permanent without charging the exorbitant fees associated with traditional locum companies.
  • Match you with new after-hours providers to fill the gap left by your former moonlighter.
  • Provide any additional resources needed to make the transition as efficient and effective as possible.

Develop a Staffing Solution With a Team That Speaks Your Language

As a team of physicians and hospital administrators who have been in your shoes, Moonlighting Solutions is highly equipped to solve your staffing issue. Let’s develop a customized solution that meets your business and clinical needs.

What Sets Our Physician Coverage Services Apart?

Moonlighting Solutions strives to provide more than a temporary solution for staffing shortages and burnout. We focus on finding the most capable physicians to fit seamlessly into your clinical environment—from small local practices to virtual clinics.

High-Caliber Physicians and APPs

Your patients deserve the same level of care after-hours that they get from your daytime physicians. We carefully vet each moonlighter to ensure they have a stellar reputation for compassionate care.

Long-Term Support

Unlike traditional locums, our moonlighters don’t step in for a few weeks and then switch assignments—we develop long-term relationships between physicians and healthcare organizations.

Night and Weekend Coverage

Traditional locum physicians tend to seek out daytime work. Moonlighting Solutions primarily works with physicians who work during the day and are interested in night and weekend shifts, so you won’t have issues finding coverage.

Call Coverage

If your organization needs extra support answering patient questions, processing changes in patient status, escalating patients to specialists, changing prescriptions, and more, Moonlighting Solutions can connect you with physicians who can help.

Advantages of Our Medical Staffing Solutions

The problems medical practices and hospitals face are ever-changing, from physician burnout to staffing shortages. For over 16 years, Moonlighting Solutions has given our partners the agility to fill gaps when needed and reduce the burden associated with recruitment and temporary staffing.

Enhanced Recruitment and Retention

Whether you’re trying to attract new talent or convince your long-tenured physicians to stay on board, having after-hours coverage is a substantial benefit. With Moonlighting Solutions providing medical staffing solutions at night and over the weekend, your physicians will enjoy a work-life balance medical professionals typically don’t get.

Reduced Overhead Costs

The overhead costs associated with replacing a physician add up quickly, especially if you experience additional turnover. Moonlighting Solutions offers an interim solution during the lengthy hiring process—and our physician coverage services typically cost 15–20% less than locum companies.

Hands-On Administrative Support

Our team handles the logistics of identifying, recruiting, and vetting physicians, and we ensure each one is properly licensed and credentialed. When we select a moonlighter to join your operation, we also manage their schedule so that you get the benefits of an extra employee without the administrative burden.

Experience the Difference Medical Moonlighting Can Make

If your organization has been relying on stressed, unhappy physicians who are rarely off the clock, it’s time to transform your model of care. Our medical staffing solutions enable your physicians to focus on what’s important during off hours, from attending their child’s soccer game to enjoying a long, uninterrupted conversation with their spouse over dinner. That means your patients experience an unrivaled level of care at any hour from our accomplished moonlighters or your seasoned full-time physicians.

Moonlighting Solutions was born out of the challenges our team experienced in clinical and administrative settings, and our medical staffing solutions reflect that. Our physician matches can better your organization now and years down the road. Request a quote today to learn more about our physician coverage services for hospitals and practices.

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