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We are the nation’s first physician owned moonlighting firm providing high quality, part-time, long-term physician call coverage, on-site and virtually.

Why Moonlight? Gain independence as a clinician and broaden  Earn supplemental income Work on your schedule Grow your professional network Provide care for different patient communities


Our physician call coverage includes on-site and phone call coverage


Reach communities in need via virtual telemedicine platforms

Virtual Specialty Clinics

Explore this Telehealth option for remote coverage of specialty practices or clinics


Moonlighting provides numerous benefits to physicians. Moonlighting on nights and weekends enables physicians to:

Earn supplemental income

The time-honored reason for moonlighting. Physician-owned Moonlighting Solutions understands the desire to expand your clinical experience and diversify your income.

Gain added confidence and independence as a new physician

MLS has many jobs open for physicians in graduate medical training. Fellows get invaluable hands-on experience and exposure to processes and protocols in facilities within their local community. 

Grow your professional network

Moonlighters – fellows and full-time physicians alike – enjoy the networking opportunities gained from working in various settings.


Conveniently schedule part-time telemedicine work around other professional or personal responsibilities and activities. No commute or relocation.

We match you with the right provider

The MLS team matches you with suitable opportunities and assists with any additional licenses or credentials required for telemedicine

Work on your own terms

Take as few or many calls as you wish – the more calls you take, the more money you earn

Earn supplemental income

Supplement your income in a way that minimally interferes with your personal or professional life, including your full-time role in fellowship or in practice.

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Virtual Specialty Clinics

Do you enjoy telemedicine but prefer scheduled appointments? Virtual Specialty Clinic offers the best of both worlds. These clinics allow you to see patients by appointment via telemedicine.


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