How to read a COI

how to read a coi

When a physician applies for privileges at a hospital, they are required to have professional liability insurance. When that physician is an employee of the hospital, the insurance is provided by the employing facility.  But if the physician is on a locum tenens assignment or a moonlighter working through an independent contractor, the insurance may be provided by the physician themselves or […]

Do you know what your CMS account says?

cms account says

When you get privileges to work or moonlight, the facility has also likely enrolled you with their payors. We recommend that you log into your payor accounts to ensure that your contact information is correct. Any information that may have been incorrectly entered or updated could prevent the insurer programs from contacting you about important matters. If your […]

Employment Contracts and Negotiations


Signing your first employment agreement is arguably one of the most important parts about landing your first permanent position. ​​​​​​​Take the time to do the homework and speak with professionals so you can be certain that you’re signing a great deal! Employment Agreements Read the entire document yourself – The average contract is over 1,500 […]

Interview like a pro!


You found the job, submitted a stellar CV, and now they want to meet you? No pressure – it’s nothing you and a little preparation can’t handle! Phone Interview Typically (especially during a pandemic), you will have a first call with an onsite recruiter or HR coordinator that will ask you basic qualifier questions, answer […]

Social Media for Physicians


Social media has evolved into a valuable tool that can be used to educate, collaborate and advocate, and can often be a great creative outlet. It can also be the first impression you give to employers, so it’s a good idea to be intentional with your online identity. Take time to define your goals, listen to the conversation […]

5 tips for a great CV

5 tips for cv

Your CV is often the first contact you have with potential employers.   Instead of just dusting off the old CV you have and sending it out, here are 5 tips to help you create a CV that will work for you. 1. Not a Resume Remember that a CV or Curriculum Vitae is not a […]

Communities and Living Costs


Where in the world will your career take you? From big cities to wide open spaces, the US offers an abundance of options. Perhaps you are interested in locations with family and friend ties, or a certain community vibe. Or, if you’re passionate about a particular procedure or research focus, you may need to consider […]

Credentialing 101

Now that you have the job, the next step will be the Credentialing Process. If you have been through it you know what to expect. If you haven’t been through it, it will be an eye opener! There is a trick to it and we are going to tell you what it is.  The Mystery […]

Licensing and Privileges

Now – you’re in the home stretch. You made a plan. You applied and you interviewed. You negotiated, then signed a contract. You got THE JOB! Congratulations!! So now your to-do list looks like this: Buy a house Move Get the kids in school Get a license in the new state Get privileges at the […]

Searching for your ideal job

There is a vast array of employers and jobs in the US to choose from – where do you start? Here are some tips to get the ball rolling… Goals Identify the job you want – title, setting Understand what skills and attributes those employers are seeking Represent yourself professionally and clearly online, on paper and […]

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