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Telehealth technology combined with innovative staffing model improves cardiovascular care.

Cardiology is one of the top specialties for part-time physician moonlighters, second only to hospitalists, at Moonlighting Solutions. Cardiovascular care is in high demand, and health systems face many challenges keeping their cardiology service lines fully staffed. Utilizing a team of physician moonlighters in combination with telemedicine technology can help to supplement your full-time core staff of physicians, alleviating a number of staffing and scheduling challenges. Additionally, implementing moonlighters on a part-time, long-term basis can often solve staffing issues without hiring additional FTE cardiologists.

Moonlighting and staffing services for cardiology include:

  1. Onsite physician coverage (especially ideal for nights and weekends)
  2. STEMI call coverage
  3. Telehealth and virtual care
  4. Permanent Placement

Typically, a successful staffing plan will be comprehensive, and include a combination of all of the above, to meet demands and needs for fluctuations in patient volume, staff turnover, etc.

Telehealth and Remote Physician Services

Providing remote care through telehealth technology is an increasingly popular way to fill coverage gaps during a physician shortage, or to help manage a periodic surge in patient volume. Additionally, telemedicine allows you to extend specialists' reach to rural populations and/or medically underserved populations.

Virtual Specialty Clinics

Virtual specialty clinics are a valuable resource and method of providing specialty care when a cardiologist is not available to be on-site. Patients simply schedule visits with a remote cardiologist as if the physician is on-staff and on-site. When it's time for the virtual specialty clinic appointment, the patient goes to the nearby designated office (a primary care practice, or other office space within your system) where tests can be conducted by clinicians at the office and communicated to the virtual cardiologist scheduled for appointments that day.

Remote reading of cardiology test results such as ECHOs and EKGs) is another way that virtual care can supplement your cardiology department and help support your full-time cardiologists.

Physicians often report that they enjoy providing virtual care because it is rewarding to reach patients who may not otherwise have access to specialty care. Additionally, physicians like that they can provide invaluable care without traveling or relocating, and earn additional income while doing so.

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To learn more about how moonlighters can benefit your patients and your staff, call or text Mike Guenther, VP of Key Accounts, 908.783-0678, to discuss your cardiovascular workforce challenges, and begin devising a customized solution and plan of action today.