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How and when to book physician coverage for a stress-free holiday season.

The holidays can be a tough and stressful time of year for healthcare administrators and clinicians. Patient volumes still demand coverage, while staff physicians often want to take time off to enjoy the holidays with their families. This creates additional challenges in scheduling adequate physician coverage, causing lots of headaches for administrators and clinicians too.

Below are a few tips compiled from the leadership team at Moonlighting Solutions and other healthcare leaders for surviving the hectic holiday season and ensuring your patients are covered across all service lines.

Start Early

Don't wait until the holidays are upon you to begin planning your holiday coverage schedule. The time to start thinking about holiday coverage is in late Summer and early Autumn, ideally. By planning ahead, you can avoid many obstacles and often save money by scheduling well in advance of the holidays.

More Tips:

  • Assess your holiday coverage needs early. Start by confirming the holiday schedules of your staff physicians, for Thanksgiving through the new year, so that you know who will be out when, and you can plan accordingly to fill in gaps.
  • When booking moonlighters or travel physicians to fill in during the holidays, be sure to consider their family needs over the holidays. You may want to invite and allow physicians to bring their families with them to your community during the holiday season. Be sure to gather and provide moonlighting physicians with detailed information about holiday activities and festivities in the area, if applicable, to help physicians feel welcome and excited about visiting your area around the holidays.
  • Book travel accommodations early too, if possible. You can save a lot of money by booking airfare and hotels sooner and ensure that your travel doctors and moonlighters have a comfortable place to stay while they're providing coverage.
  • Devising a contingency plan is paramount during the holidays, when anything can happen. Travel can be more challenging due to dicey weather. Think ahead and try to anticipate and troubleshoot any potential problems.
  • Use a variety of coverage methods and resources, if possible. For example, can you fill in any coverage needs with virtual or phone coverage? Engaging multiple resources and firms for assistance and support could prevent many costly issues during this crucial time of year.


Need Help?

To discuss your holiday coverage needs, contact your account manager today! If you are new to Moonlighting Solutions, or you are not sure who your account manager is, contact us or inquire online to talk to someone about how we can assist with your holiday call coverage needs. Plus, if you book your holiday coverage before October 1, 2019, we will donate $300 to Action Against Hunger (after the initial shift is worked).

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