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Physician Coverage

On-site physician call coverage from Moonlighting Solutions provides high quality physicians to handle part-time, long-term call coverage on nights, weekends, & holidays.... when anything can happen.

Reduce Burn-out – Improve Care

Numerous studies show that more than 50% of today’s physicians experience at least one or more symptom of burnout. Full-time physicians are seeing more patients and balancing more stressful administrative tasks than ever.

Implementing a physician moonlighting team allows your full-time staff physicians to thrive. Giving your day shift doctors just one additional weekend off per month, for example, or more, lightens their workload and mental strain, relieves stress, and reduces burnout. This helps your patients receive the highest quality of medical care around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from doctors who are at their best, not being overworked or pushed beyond their limits.

Full-service Account Management

Hiring and scheduling an entire team of qualified physicians to handle nights and weekends can be an overwhelming process for healthcare leaders and administrators. That's where Moonlighting Solutions can help.

Once a health system or hospital partners with Moonlighting Solutions, a dedicated MLS account management team of healthcare professionals is assigned to execute the program and handle physician staffing, scheduling, credentialing, and more. This team handles implementation from its onset and maintains quality throughout the life of the program.

From identifying, recruiting and vetting physicians, to credentialing, scheduling and coordinating ongoing quality reviews, the Moonlighting Solutions team manages the administrative and operational details for you.

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What’s more is that Moonlighting Solutions tailors its coverage to your particular needs. From one night per week to 30 shifts per month we are there by your side with the highest quality physicians when you need them. By performing consistent, part-time coverage our physicians are also able to integrate with your core team covering admissions, consults, rounds, cross-coverage and procedures without missing a step.