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When you join the Moonlighting Solutions network, you’re more than a temporary replacement—you become a critical player in the organizations served.

What Is Moonlighting in Healthcare?

Moonlighting is when you work extra shifts in addition to your full-time job, and it’s an excellent way to gain experience and income as a fellow or new provider. Moonlighting physicians fill an essential gap in hospitals and healthcare practices by providing relief during nights and weekends. While full-time providers enjoy some much-needed time off, moonlighters get the opportunity to further hone their skills.

Unlike locum work, moonlighting is supplementary employment for providers in residency programs or full-time employment. Instead of taking temporary daytime assignments and hopping from job to job, moonlighting physicians often stay with the same employer for years.

Over 16 years ago, the founders of Moonlighting Solutions recognized an unmet need for high-quality moonlighting physicians. We used our experience as physicians and medical administrators to create the nation’s first moonlighting firm. Since then, our team has carefully selected the most talented moonlighters and facilitated a meaningful relationship with hospitals and practices, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties.

What You Gain During the Moonlighting Shift

As a Moonlighting Solutions physician, you gain more than a few extra hours on the hospital floor.

Supplemental Income

As a company built by physicians, Moonlighting Solutions understands the importance of diversifying your income stream. Whether you’re saving for a home or paying off student loans, moonlighting can help you reach your goal faster.

Experience in New Clinical Environments

No two clinical environments are exactly alike, and working as a moonlighting physician allows you to learn the nuances of various hospitals and practices. You can also meet and serve new patient communities, expanding your reach as a care provider.

Flexible Scheduling

As a member of the Moonlighting Solutions network, you get to choose which assignments are right for you. Whether you want to hold a few telemedicine appointments each week or provide onsite weekend coverage, we can connect you with an organization that meets your needs.

Valuable Connections

Working the moonlighting shift is a great way to expand your professional network and meet some of the longest-tenured physicians in your specialty. Many of our moonlighters leverage the connections they make to turn their after-hours assignments into full-time jobs.

Added Confidence and Independence

It can take time for fellows and early-career physicians to feel settled in their roles. During the moonlighting shift, you get additional time to put your skills into practice and take charge of your patients’ care plans.

Join a Moonlighting Network Led By Physicians

Unlike traditional locum companies, Moonlighting Solutions is led by physicians who have been in your position. Join our network of talented moonlighters to get matched with meaningful, long-term opportunities.

Our Moonlighting Opportunities for Physicians

Moonlighting Solutions partners with various healthcare organizations across the country to fill gaps in patient care—whether those patients are in a hospital room or in front of a computer screen. From busy urban tertiary care centers to rural community hospitals and everything in between, we have opportunities for every moonlighter.

Onsite Coverage

We match moonlighting physicians with local healthcare organizations needing long-term, part-time coverage. Becoming an onsite moonlighter allows you to:

  • Learn the operating procedures of hospitals and practices near you
  • Gain hands-on experience to add to your CV
  • Make connections with other providers and hospital staff


Virtual moonlighting is a convenient way to gain professional experience without affecting your personal or professional obligations. Telemedicine enables you to:

  • Skip the commute and work from the comfort of your home, whether that’s a winter home in Florida or or your primary residence in the Northeast
  • Work around your day job and minimize interference with your personal life
  • Get support from our team to secure necessary licenses
    Take as many calls as you wish and earn accordingly

Virtual Specialty Clinics

If you’re looking for the freedom and convenience of a telemedicine assignment with the stability of scheduled appointments, Moonlighting Solutions provides an opportunity you can’t find elsewhere. Our Virtual Specialty Clinics give you the opportunity to:

  • Gain experience in your specialty without commuting to a clinical setting
  • Assist underserved patient populations with limited options for care
  • Provide care in new territories without relocating

Benefits of Joining Our Moonlighting Physician Network

Moonlighting Solutions isn’t your average medical staffing firm. Instead of solely fulfilling business needs for healthcare organizations and physicians, we help them fulfill their clinical needs. Our moonlighters not only help fill shifts and earn extra income but also make once-in-a-lifetime connections with patients and practitioners.

Other reasons to pursue our moonlighting opportunities for physicians include:

  • We speak your language: Unlike many locum companies, Moonlighting Solutions is owned and operated by physicians. Before making a match, we analyze moonlighting opportunities to ensure the clinical environment meets your needs and expectations.
  • We encourage the transition to permanent employment: Our team takes pride in matching exceptional moonlighting physicians with the right organizations. If you want to seek full-time employment with one of our partner organizations, we’ll work to make the transition seamless.
  • We go above and beyond for our moonlighters: From helping you secure a license in a new state to carefully matching you with the right moonlighting position, our customer service team does everything in our power to ensure a positive, productive experience.

Make the Most of Your Moonlighting Experience

There are plenty of moonlighting opportunities for fellows and physicians, but finding a role that perfectly fits your needs is rare. Joining the Moonlighting Solutions network ensures you don’t just get any job—you get a position tailored to your career goals. Plus, you get to join a group of the most accomplished moonlighting physicians from all backgrounds and specialties with a reputation for the highest quality care.

Search our jobs now or contact our team to see if you’re a good fit for one of our moonlighting opportunities.

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