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Moonlighting Checklist for Healthcare Employers

Once you've realized how your facility can benefit from a physician moonlighting program, where do you begin?

Integrating part-time physician moonlighters to help cover nights and weekends for your full-time physician staff will help you retain and recruit full-time physicians, as well as continue to provide a high level of quality care to patients. Below are some key factors to consider and implement before you can start realizing the benefits of a physician call coverage program.

Needs assessment - What are the hours and volume of shifts to be covered?

  • Hours?
  • Specialties?
  • Onsite vs. Virtual/remote coverage?
  • Inpatient vs. Outpatient needs?
  • Patient volumes?
  • Case mix/procedures mix?
  • Candidate requirements / qualifications needed


Program Management

Which of your current staffers can take on the additional task(s) of managing the moonlighting program?

  • Scheduling - who will handle the scheduling and how will this be coordinated and communicated?
  • Accounting / Reimbursement – How will doctors be paid and how much?
  • Malpractice Insurance and Benefits? - How will you insure your moonlighters?
  • Marketing: advertising and recruiting – how will you find doctors for the program? (Job boards, ads, search firms, in-house recruiting team, etc.?)
  • Vetting/Screening/Interviewing – background checks, etc. to ensure that the physician is qualified.
  • Credentialing / privileges etc– who / how / process & procedures etc.
  • Licensing
  • Onboarding/Orientation – introduction and overview of facility procedures and protocols, EMR, etc.
  • Ongoing maintenance / management – trouble-shooting and quality-control

There are quite a few factors and steps to consider when implementing a moonlighting program for physician call coverage support. The many benefits to physicians and to your health system are well worth it. Moonlighting Solutions was established to help health systems enjoy the benefits of moonlighters without taking on the additional administrative tasks and ongoing oversight that goes along with implementing a physician moonlighting team.

If you're ready to get started, contact us and we will handle the rest! You can also Request Coverage online and a consultant will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss your needs and a potential coverage plan.