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Moonlighting provides numerous benefits to physicians. Physicians moonlight for a variety of reasons, depending upon one’s experience level, financial circumstances, and more. Moonlighting on nights and weekends enables physicians to:

  • Earn supplemental income to pay bills or pay off medical school debt
  • Gain added confidence and independence as a new physician
  • Build and sharpen skills and expand clinical expertise
  • Grow your professional network
  • “Test-drive” various clinical work environments
Exceptional Physician-Focused Service

Established in 2007, Moonlighting Solutions is the nation’s first physician moonlighting firm. MLS is physician-owned, and therefore operates with a primary focus on the unique professional needs of physicians.

The recruiters and account managers at MLS are experienced in matching physicians with the most suitable moonlighting opportunities. Additionally, your consultant will assist with credentialing and scheduling to get you started as a moonlighter stress-free. Our physician moonlighting network includes thousands of physicians across all specialties, and hundreds of employers in most states nationwide.

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It takes only a minute or two to submit a brief application and a representative will contact you soon to discuss moonlighting opportunities near you. You can sign up for as many or few shifts as you’d prefer, and your moonlighting experience can be tailored to your specific professional and personal needs.