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Licensing Services

Since 2018 MLS Licensing has assisted hundreds of moonlighters with licenses in all 50 states. We now offer our expert Licensing Services to all U.S. physicians.

Why use the Licensing Service?
To make a complex process easy! Save time and frustration, get answers, and get licenses faster!

What kind of licenses can you get?

  • - All state medical licenses for MD’s and DO’s (including a telemedicine license)
  • - Federal DEA
  • - State CDS in every applicable state

How much does it cost?

  • - $550 per state license plus the state’s application and associated fees
  • - $125 per DEA plus the DEA application fee
  • - $125 per CDS plus the CDS application and associated fees

How do you get started?
Simply fill out the form below to request access to the Order Form in DocuSign.

If you'd like more information first, please email us at



*Note that by entering your name and email at the DocuSign page, you are only logging into review the order form. You can review the options, or place an order, or come back and finish later. Please be assured that entering your name and email address does not finalize the order process.