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Permanent Placement

Since opening in 2007, Moonlighting Solutions has established and grown thousands of professional relationships with hospital employers and physicians across the country. Our growing network naturally evolved into our permanent placement division.

Our search consultants are experienced in recruiting physicians for full-time practice opportunities. The associates in the permanent physician placement division are skilled at candidate marketing, sourcing, interviewing, vetting, and recruiting the right physician for each full-time practice opening, regardless of location or type of practice setting. Our permanent recruiting team is adept and comfortable with walking candidates through the decision-making process of a career move and possible relocation.

Permanent physician recruitment is an extremely labor-intensive process. We manage the entire recruiting process from beginning to end. Once you engage with Moonlighting Solutions for your permanent recruiting needs, we will start by conducting an overview of the opportunity to gather the information that physicians will need to know about your practice opportunity, so that we can relay it accurately to candidates on your behalf. If desired, we can meet with you onsite to conduct this overview personally, or we can do it via phone to save you time and money. With your guidance, we will market your opportunity and source candidates based on your search parameters. We will present them your opportunity and help answer questions, as well as facilitate the interview process and any subsequent negotiations.

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If you require assistance with your permanent, full-time physician openings, contact our permanent physician recruiting division to get started today. We will handle the stressful time-consuming recruiting process, so you can relax and focus on other tasks.

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