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MedAxiom Annual Cardiology Comp Survey

MedAxiom's annual report reveals average salaries for providers in cardiovascular care.

MedAxiom, a cardiovascular medical professional association owned by the American College of Cardiology, recently released the 2020 edition of their annual cardiology compensation report. The survey reveals production and compensation data across all modalities of cardiovascular care including non-invasive, invasive non-interventional, interventional, electrophysiology, heart failure, and cardiac surgery.

Survey Highlights

Overall Compensation

All regions of the country reported increases in median total cardiology compensation from 2018 with the South remaining in the lead.

Call Participation

Call participation varies by age, with a quarter of physicians over the age of 61 dropping down from full participation. More than half of cardiologists over the age of 70 have pulled back from full call participation.

Cutting back from full call has a profound impact on total compensation with cardiologists dropping back to partial call seeing a 25% drop in total compensation. This pay reduction is despite the fact that these same physicians are producing just 3% below those fully participating on call. Based on these numbers you can get a sense of the onerous natures of call in cardiology. It is MedAxiom’s experience that call value can often approach 50% of total compensation in cardiology internal distribution plans.

Scarcity of Surgeons

The overall increases in surgical compensation, particularly the cardiac surgery subset, provides a glimpse into the very tight supply of these deeply subspecialized physicians. Feedback from the MedAxiom community suggests that programs struggle to fill necessary vacancies or to recruit replacement talent for surgeons who are retiring or cutting back from full time.

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Moonlighting Solutions is proud to be an industry partner of MedAxiom. To learn more, download a complimentary copy of MedAxiom's full report here: Cardiovascular Provider Compensation & Production Survey.

If you are a MedAxiom member interested in physician moonlighting, be sure to inquire about special incentives for MedAxiom members when you contact us.