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Benefits of Moonlighting

As a physician-owned and operated firm, we understand the nuanced needs of various health systems, each with unique workforce challenges to resolve.

Our comprehensive portfolio of physician services helps healthcare facilities manage short-term and long-term patient care needs in any practice setting and most medical specialties. MLS works with healthcare administrators and physician leadership to implement a customized physician coverage program designed especially for your system that will:

  • Increase overall productivity, reach, and quality of care
  • Improve physicians’ quality of life and decrease physician burn-out
  • Reduce patient wait times and minimize patient migration to competing systems
  • Extend the bandwidth of full-time day-shift physician staff
  • Improve physician retention rates – prolong medical careers
  • Reach rural and underserved patient populations
  • Grow full-time permanent physician staff

Our unrivaled capability to provide the highest quality on-site coverage, telehealth staffing, virtual specialty clinics, and permanent placement services allow us to create the most effective solution to meet each system’s immediate and long-term coverage and staffing needs.

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What’s more is that Moonlighting Solutions tailors its coverage to your particular needs. From one night per week to 30 shifts per month we are there by your side with the highest quality physicians when you need them. By performing consistent, part-time coverage our physicians are also able to integrate with your core team covering admissions, consults, rounds, cross-coverage and procedures without missing a step.