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Plan Ahead to Ensure Your Holiday Season is Well-Covered

You may still be soaking up the summer sun, but now is the time to think ahead to the holidays and plan your physician scheduling and coverage to get you through the season from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

Start by confirming your staff physicians' schedules throughout the holidays, so that you know where you will need coverage, which specialties, and which shifts will need covering.

Planning Ahead for Physician Coverage Saves Time, Money, and Prevents Headaches

Planning ahead is paramount to ensuring a smooth holiday season that is well-covered. The farther ahead you are able to schedule and book holiday coverage, the more obstacles and challenges you can avoid for your staff and patients.

Why Schedule Holiday Coverage NOW?

1. Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! (+/-75 days away, as of mid-September!) Winter holidays and the New Year immediately follow...

2. Holidays are among the busiest days of the year for hospitals and physicians. Scheduling now for the holidays is as like getting all of your holiday shopping done in August!

3. Holiday season = FLU season. The holiday months coincide with flu season which always demands the most of clinicians.

4. Scheduling holiday shifts in advance enables you to secure the physicians you need in plenty of time for the holidays, with less stress!

5. Booking ahead allows adequate time for recruiting and credentialing.

6. Hospitals and health systems can save thousands of dollars by booking in advance, avoiding premium last-minute or emergency pay rates.

7. BONUS: You can actually help save lives and fight hunger by booking holiday coverage sooner rather than later. When you schedule your holiday coverage by October 1, 2019, Moonlighting Solutions will donate $300 to Action Against Hunger, a top-rated charity committed to saving lives and treating under-nutrition, particularly during and after disasters and conflicts.

UPDATE: The deadline to participate has been extended to October 15, 2019 - there is still time to get ahead for the holidays!


  • Tips for Scheduling Holiday Coverage
  • Contact your account manager to discuss your holiday coverage needs today. If you have already booked your holiday coverage with us, please be sure to remind your account manager you would like to be represented in the charity drive as well.
  • If you are new to Moonlighting Solutions, contact us to discuss setting up a holiday coverage plan.