Why Moonlighting?

We Uncover The Opportunities

Let Moonlighting Solutions handle the work of locating, qualifying and preparing the opportunities. Our team are experts at working with clients and managing all the prep work so you can focus on your shifts.

We Provide Shift Flexibility

Need flexibility with the amount of time you moonlight? We have a solution for you. Our Moonlighters work as little as 2-4 shifts per month or as many as 14+.

We Are An Alternative to Locums Tenens

We provide long-term, part-time help which translates into long-term quality opportunities for you. By working with the same client over a long period of time, you develop relationships with the client, the site and the patients and are ultimately treated as a valued part of their team.

We Provide Malpractice Insurance for you

Moonlighting Solutions provides malpractice insurance at no cost to you. We provide a claims made policy with tail coverage.

We Help You Right From The Start

Moonlighting Solutions assists you with entire credentialing process. We pre-fill and process your paperwork, assist with the hospital application process including completion of applications, and submit your application to the facility.