Why Moonlighting?

At Moonlighting Solutions, we understand the needs of our clients and the challenges that call duty creates. Moonlighting Solutions was founded to relieve medical practices of this burden.

Increase Productivity

Adopting a call-coverage program will allow your hospital or practice to return its physicians back to the hospital and office during the day to maximize both the practice’s productivity and grow outreach efforts. It also relieves your physicians of the most onerous part of their jobs: night and weekend call.

Decrease Physician Burnout

Call responsibilities reduce productivity and can shorten careers. As physicians ourselves, we know this firsthand. Without night or weekend call responsibilities, most physicians can extend their careers five to ten years, maintaining their patient base and reducing the need for hospitals and practices to recruit new partners.

Moonlighters vs Locum Tenens

Moonlighting Solutions can better meet your needs as we primarily provide night and weekend call coverage, typically on a long-term, part-time basis. Our physicians provide coverage up to 14 hours on weeknights and up to 62 hours on weekends. Moonlighting Solutions does not have any monthly minimums and you bill for and keep all of the billings from the moonlighters work.

Physicians vs Midlevel Providers

While many groups consider using allied health providers as a cost-effective way to reduce costs, mid-level practitioners cannot provide the scope of care that a Board Certified physician offers. The use of mid-level providers still requires your physicians to continue to provide back-up services. It is our goal to integrate the highest quality moonlighting physicians into your practice at night and on weekends to provide your patients the same level of high-quality care you give them during the day – all at a reasonable price for your practice or hospital.


Our entire staff of BC/BE (Board Certified/Board Eligible) physicians are trained at U.S. academic centers and have a record of safety. It is our goal to integrate our physicians into your practice to function just as your provider would.


We take care of everything! We recruit, screen and utilize only exceptional physicians. We relieve your staff from the administrative burden of credentialing, scheduling and billing with our 24 hour administrative support team.