Testimonials from Administrators

“What an excellent candidate (as usual) from you!!!  I always knew when I saw one of your candidates that they had been thoroughly vetted and everything was in order.”
Hospital administrator

“Moonlighting’s administrative team is outstanding. They are very responsive to our needs and they make obtaining coverage much easier than I ever expected.”
Cardiology Practice – Physician President

“Moonlighting Solutions provided us with an effective way to handle traditional weekend call duties. The outcomes of utilizing the service were increased physician satisfaction, increased productivity at the hospitals and office, and became a great recruitment tool. The MD’s provided were well trained and able to work with our processes and EMR’s on the first day. Moonlighting Solutions is a great company with great results.”
Physician Practice CEO

“All of the candidates that come from Moonlighting Solutions are always top notch and I wish that some of them would decide to stay on staff permanently.”
Hospital Administrator

“After 30 some years of weekend call, as you may imagine the service you provide has been a breath of fresh air.”
Physician Partner

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