Posted on 01.29.16

A recent article in HealthLeaders Media discusses how health systems are looking to telemedicine as a means to change healthcare in various ways.  The article states that “once the realm of science fiction, telemedicine has become a reality of care”.  Hospitals, health systems and practices are recognizing that virtual visits are being used more often for patients in rural areas, for patients that may not be comfortable seeking a face-to-face visit and to fit into the increasingly busy schedules of today’s professionals.  Additionally, there are cost and efficiency benefits that the provider enjoys.

The three ways that telemedicine is changing healthcare according to this article are:

  • Virtual visits are on the rise– Peter Rasmussen, the medical director of distance health at the Cleveland Clinic feels that “we are laying the groundwork for a full virtual healthcare system” with regular online visits.
  • Better Patient monitoring enables faster intervention– with the increased utilization of computers and tablets, remote patient monitoring enables “providers to intervene early and influence better outcomes.”
  • Partnerships can mitigate costs– health systems are increasingly looking to partner with physician networks as “with so many different moving parts, it is becoming difficult, if not impossible, to go it alone in telemedicine.”

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